About StojFinance

Hello and welcome to my personal finance blog! I started this blog because I want to help people take control of their finances and make the most of their investments.

I'm Jasper Stojanovski, a 23-year-old guy from Geelong, Australia.

jasper stojanovski

I am in my first year at Deakin University and I'm studying for a Bachelor of Commerce degree. I plan to major in Finance and Financial Planning, so I can learn more about personal finance and investing!

I have been featured on many personal finance blogs, including campfirefinance.com and 1500days.com.

Here are some of my most popular articles:

I really enjoy reading personal finance blogs and joining in on the discussions in the comments. I hope that by reading my blog you'll be able to save money, make more money, and ultimately—build wealth. 

You can find my new Australian personal finance blog here.